Conditions For Marriage

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A beautiful princess from a European country visited a small African nation on a sightseeing tour. The King, during a dinner in the princess' honour, out of the blue asked her to marry him. Naturally, the princess was quite taken aback. However, not wanting to cause a diplomatic ripple, she did not reject the king outright. So, she tried to think of a way to dissuade the king from wanting to marry her.

After a few minutes, the princess said to the king, "I will only marry you under three conditions. First, I want you to buy me a 75-carat diamond ring with a matching 200-carat diamond tiara." The African king paused for a while. Then, he nodded his head and said, "No problem! I buy, I buy."

Realizing her first condition was too easy, the princess said to the king, "I want you to build me a 100 room mansion in New York. As a vacation home, I want a chateau built in the middle of the best wine country in France." The African king paused for a while. He took out his cellular phone and called some brokers in New York and in France. He looked at the princess, nodded his head and said, "Okay, okay. I build, I build."

Realizing that she only had one last condition, the princess knew that she had better make this a good one. She took her time to think and finally she got an idea, a sure-to-work condition. She squinted her eyes, looked at the king and said, rather coldly, "Since I like sex, I want the man I marry to have a 12-inch penis." The king seemed a bit disturbed. He cupped his face with his hands and rested his elbows on the table, all the while muttering in African dialect. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the king rather sadly shook his head and said to the princess, "Okay, Okay. I cut, I cut."

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