Give Me Something That'll Get Me Up !

Posted by Yasmin | Tuesday, March 18, 2008 | , , | Comments

An old man went in to see the doctor and said, "Doc, I'm turning eighty tomorrow. I've hired a hooker for the night, and I'd love to do it just one more time before I die. Can you give me something that'll get me up?"

The doctor smiled. "I don't normally prescribe this stuff, but I think in your case I can make an exception for one night."

Later that night, out of concern, the doctor phoned the elderly man and asked, "How's it going?"

"Fabulous." the old man said. "I've cum three times already, but my hand hurts like mad and my willy is all orange."

"That's great," the doctor said, "The hooker must be astounded. But why would your hand hurt and your willy be orange?"

There was a pause and then the doctor heard the old man say, "The hooker called to say that she couldn't come ...... and I have been spending the whole night watching adult video and eating Cheezels."

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