King Of The Forest

Posted by Yasmin | Saturday, July 12, 2008 | , | Comments

One day a lion in a forest caught a small rabbit and threatened to eat it up unless he can tell him who was the King of the Forest. "You, oh mighty lion, are king of the forest." said the rabbit. The lion gave a nod of approval and let the rabbit go. The next day, the lion caught a deer and demanded, "Tell me, who is the king of the forest?" The deer replied, "Why, of course, you are. Everyone knows that." The lion was happy with the answer and let the deer go.

On the following day, the lion caught an elephant and demanded, "Tell me, who is king of the forest?" Without saying a word, the elephant caught hold of the lion by the tail, swung it over his head a few times and slammed him against a tree. Dazed and slowly brushing the dust from his body, the lion told the elephant, "Now ... there is no reason for you to get rough just because you don't know the answer!"

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