The Three-Hut Test

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There was this tribe and one of the tribesmen had committed a crime and death was the punishment. He went up to the leader of the tribe and said, "Look, I don't want to die, I'm young and I really have things going good before this. Is there anything I can do?"

The tribe leader replied, "Well, yeah, there is the three-hut test if you want to take it. If you pass, you won't be put to death." So the guy eagerly said, "Sure, I'll do it. What do I have to do?"

The leader replied, "There are 3 huts. In the first hut there is enough grog for an entire crew of a ship that would last for a week. If you go in there and drink all of it in 24 hours and come out alive you can go on to the second hut. In the second hut there is a lion that has an abysses on his tooth. It needs to be removed. If you can go in there and come out with the tooth you can go on to the last hut. In the last hut there is a woman who has never been satisfied in sex, if you can go in there and satisfy her, you will be free."

So the guy thought, "Yeah, I may as well; I don't have anything to lose." He went into the first hut and emerged a couple of hours pissed off his brain and staggered off, totally drunk, to the next hut. At the the next hut they all heard a lot of screaming and blood was flying out and shredded clothes were thrown everywhere.

When he finally came out everyone was shocked, he was still alive. He drunkenly asked them, "So, where's that sheila who needs the tooth pulled?"

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