The Smart Lady

Posted by Yasmin | Sunday, June 03, 2007 | , , , | Comments

One day a young lady clutched a newborn baby and approached the butcher at the market stall saying that what she held in her arms was a product of their liaison. The butcher accepted responsibility and grudgingly agreed to provide for the child until he turned sixteen.

And so each week, meat on the dinner table was provided by the butcher. Then came the day when the boy turned sixteen. The boy was at the butcher's to collect the meat for the last time. The butcher cut a bigger slice of the choicest meat and told the boy, "Tell your mother that this is going to be the last piece of meat from me. Go watch the expression on her face."

When the boy told his mother what the butcher had said, she told him, "Well, tell him that we have also free bread and free milk from the grocery for the past sixteen years. Go watch the expression on his face."

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