British Battleship

Posted by Yasmin | Sunday, February 03, 2008 | , , | 2 comments »

This guy at the watch mast of a pirate ship yelled excitedly, "Captain, a British battleship is coming our way!" The captain shouted at the cabin boy to bring him his red shirt, while at the same time mobilizing his men into fighting position. The fight was brief and the British battleship was repelled.

A week later, the man at the watch mast yelled excitedly, "Captain, two British battleships are coming our way!" so the captain told the cabin boy to bring him his red shirt. The cabin boy asked, "Why do you have me bring you your red shirt before each battle?" The captain said, "So that when I get stabbed the men won't see me bleeding and stop fighting." The cabin boy said, "Good idea." So they won the battle.

A month later the guy in the watch mast yelled, "Ten British battleships are coming our way!" The cabin boy said, "Red shirt again, captain?" The captain said, "No, brown pants this time."

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